Seniors, Couples, Dogs, & More!


Newborns, infants, & toddlers, oh my!

They grow so fast and I love capturing every giggle, every drool, and every loving moment in between.



Do you love any excuse to dress your kiddos in matching outfits? 

Do you love taking photos of them being precious together?

Better yet, do you wish you could be in the photos with them?

I would love to plan a smile-filled session with you and your family to capture these special family moments for you!

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Hallmark ~ I live for bingeing on Hallmark movie marathons.

Christmas Season ~ is my FAVORITE season. Everything about the giving season makes me happy; the snow, the lights, the cozy fire crackling,

sweet baby Jesus.

Dogs ~ can't do life without them. I have two very spoiled pups, I can't get enough of. Though they probably would say the opposite about me..

Pizza & Chips ~ I could live off of cold pizza and Lays dill pickle &/or honey bbq chips.  PSA: I also take payment in the form of such foods. (Not really, but I would if I could.)

My loving and caring boyfriend, Cole, who puts up with me and my shenanigans. (Sorry you're at the bottom of the list babe, you know how much I love my chips.)

A few of my favorite things...

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